"Stapez by Walter Kawai" Versatile Speaker

Clinkgo's first and flagship development product. "Stapez by Walter Kawai" is the world's THINNEST(7/8" or 22mm), bass-rich (60Hz under high SPL) portable speaker.

"Stapez by Walter Kawai" is a battery-operated modularized, Versatile Speaker featured with 0.2mm glass woofer and tweeter diaphragms, solid zinc alloy shell (stainless steel in demo unit), DSP-free class AB+D amplification circuitry (the whole schematic will be OPEN-SOURCE once starts to sell), together with an input slot for expansion modules: from Bluetooth, FM/DAB radio, Karaoke, guitar-amp conversion to RIAA phono amp.


Stapez Brand Speaker Drivers

Empowered by multiple patented technologies and first used in Clinkgo Versatile Speaker, both Stapez flat-panel woofer in 17mm thickness and 40mm glass cone full-ranger are just phenomenal: exceptional sound,  outstanding appearance!  (For detailed datasheets and white-papers, please reference

Together with other special speaker drivers (40mm, 1Ω VLO full-ranger), Stapez brand speaker drivers will be available in Digikey soon!


Glass Acoustic Diaphragms

As we discovered that glass is no. 4 the best hard material (after single-crystal diamond, beryllium, and sapphire) for speaker diaphragm, and multiple patented for the realization, we are now seeking industrial partnership to penetrate such glass acoustic technologies into various applications: from (quality) audiophile products, to (quantity) mobile phones!
As a milestone, we have reached a acoustic technology development and marketing cooperation with Schott AG (fully owned by Carl Zeiss Foundation). Please click here for the BDNC white-paper about the technology details and its competitive advantages.

VLO (Very-Low-Ohm) Amplifiers and Speaker Drivers

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While 4Ω or 8Ω is the de-facto standard of speaker impedance; for many applications, 1Ω is the optimal impedance instead. We call an impedance below 1Ω down to 0.2Ω "VLO", and advocating this for years. We can provide both VLO speaker drivers, and VLO amplifier designs from discrete designs, to IC implementations, both linear (class-AB) and switching (class-D)!

ULO (Ultra-Low-Ohm): Further beyond VLO, ULO drivers start from 20mΩ. We have several ULO audiophile driver designs in our roadmap, in line with more traditional approach like true ribbon or AMT, which may enable a transformerless, "never-been-heard" music experience!

Passive Hearing Conservation with Dynamic Equalization (USPTO US8699720B2)

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An invention with patent cited by Intel, Skyworks, SONY, REVx, and others afterwards, it improves headphone perceptual audio quality while conserving our precious hearing. We offers both patent licensing and product co-development.

Semiconductor IPs

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BD3201 (AL3201 compatible) reverberation processor (in Verilog, previous licensee included a major German Audio company which taped-out and sold millions ICs), AL3101 compatible "Rapid-Coding" Audio DSP (in Verilog), pure Digital-Power-Amplifier (DPA), VLO Amplifiers (both class-AB and class-D, CMOS cell-level schematics with all W/L ratios).